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With Trial Looming, Steve Bannon Struggling To Find Defense Attorney After Stiffing His Former Lawyers On Huge Legal Bills



Steve Bannon

Far-right extremist Steve Bannon reportedly hasn’t paid the lawyers who spent years defending him against an onslaught of criminal charges and now he’s having a hard time finding new lawyers to represent him, The Daily Beast reported, citing three sources with knowledge of the case.

“With massive legal bills still outstanding, Bannon is now scrambling to find new attorneys, as he faces a looming trial over the way he scammed the MAGA crowd with a dubious plan to build a privately funded U.S.-Mexico border wall,” The report states.

The sources told The Beast that “Bannon owes ‘significant’ sums of money to attorneys M. Evan Corcoran of Baltimore and Robert Costello of New York City. They—along with David Schoen of Montgomery, Alabama—spent months battling the Department of Justice in 2021 and 2022, and they represented him at a trial in Washington, D.C., last summer when he was eventually convicted of contempt of Congress.”

Bannon’s refusal to fully pay his bills has stunned some of his close advisers, The Beast noted, highlighting the fact that Bannon is backed by a Chinese billionaire, he co-founded the right-wing news website Breitbart, and made tens of millions off the iconic sitcom Seinfeld.

Then again, Bannon is also a known grifter and liar with a long history of peddling disinformation.

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