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Outrage Erupts After Police Handcuff Black Teen While Taking Out The Trash As His Father Begs For Explanation



Black Teen handcuffed by police while taking out the trash
A black teenager was handcuffed by police while taking out the trash, sparking widespread backlash. (Video screenshot)

Public outrage has surged in response to a video showing police officers handcuffing a black teenager as he was in the act of disposing of household garbage.

Lansing police allegedly approached the child, and in what may be a case of mistaken identity, handcuffed the teen and was questioning him. When the child’s father arrived on the scene after he had handcuffs placed on him, he was placed in the back of the squad car.

During the incident, Lansing police allegedly approached the child, handcuffed him and started questioning him. Adding to the tension, the teenager’s father arrived at the scene and vehemently demanded an explanation for the officers’ actions while the teen was placed in the rear of a police squad car. Upon the removal of restraints from the teenager, the father challenged the officers to provide an account for their behavior.

Despite widespread public anger and the video’s rapid circulation on various social media platforms, the Lansing police department has refrained from issuing an official response.

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