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Melania Trump Aide Says Former First Lady ‘Knew’ J6 Insurrection Would Happen



A former aide to Melania Trump revealed to the January 6 Committee that the former first lady “knew something was going to happen” the day that the insurrection took place at the U.S Capitol.

The committee released transcripts of an interview with Stephanie Grisham. She recalled that she had asked Melania Trump to send a tweet condemning the violence on Jan. 6. But Trump quickly refused.

“She just says no with no explanation,” Grisham remarked. “You know, by that point, again, she had been starting to change and evolve over that 2 or 3 weeks. And, again, she had started to say, like, something’s not right here and let’s listen to the West Wing. And she had started to, in my opinion, drink somebody’s Kool-Aid that perhaps this election was stolen.”

Grisham added: “And because I knew she was up there with the carpet and I was watching violence take place at our Capitol, and she just literally said no to me with no explanation, I just — I mean, I kind of was like just f–k you.”

Trump’s aide went on to say that she was disappointed that the first lady declined to use her influence with the president on Jan. 6.

“He really did listen to her all the time. And so, while I don’t know this for a fact, I know from experience with her something had gotten to her,” Grisham said. “And she – – I feel like she knew about this protest. I feel like she knew something was going to happen. Otherwise, she would have given me an explanation.”