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Jim Jordan Fails To Become Speaker. Here Are The 20 Republicans Who Voted Against Him

Ohio Representative Rep. Jim Jordan, the GOP candidate for Speaker, fell short of securing the required votes to claim the…

Chris Stevens 3 Min Read

Judge Chutkan Issues Blunt Reminder To Trump During Hearing: ‘He’s a Criminal Defendant, Can’t Vilify Public Servants’

Judge Tanya Chutkan on Monday issued a gag order on Donald Trump, restricting him from making disparaging comments about court…

Chris Stevens 3 Min Read

Judge Drops The Hammer On Rudy Giuliani For Attempting To Hide ‘Crucial Evidence’ From The Court

A judge presiding over Rudy Giuliani's damages trial on Friday dealt a heavy blow to the former Trump lawyer for…

Chris Stevens 2 Min Read

‘I Stopped Being Careful’: Rudy Giuliani Fumes After Being Named ‘Co-Conspirator’ in 2020 Election Indictment

During a NewsMax interview on Tuesday, former Donald Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani slammed the U.S. Department of Justice special counsel,…

Chris Stevens 2 Min Read

Karma Strikes Back: Ponzi Schemer Freed by Trump Charged in $35 Million Scam

The wheels of karma have turned swiftly for Eliyahu Weinstein, a convicted Ponzi schemer who thought he had escaped justice…

Chris Stevens 2 Min Read

Passengers Pass Out, Soil Themselves After Sitting Hours in Scorching Heat on The Las Vegas Tarmac

Passengers on a Delta flight 555 from Harry Reid Las Vegas Airport to Atlanta faced distressing conditions after enduring hours…

Chris Stevens 3 Min Read

DC Bar Committee Hearing Recommends Disbarment For Rudy Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani, the former lawyer for Donald Trump, is now teetering on the brink of disbarment in a stunning development.…

Chris Stevens 2 Min Read

Newly Surfaced Footage Shows Titan Sub Spinning Out Of Control On Mission

On June 18, the OceanGate Titan submersible disappeared with five individuals on board. Shortly after diving towards the Titanic wreckage,…

Chris Stevens 3 Min Read

Brace Yourself: Trump Unleashes ALL-CAPS Fury That Will Obliterate Your Brain

Former president Donald Trump on Wednesday skillfully employed the Caps Lock button to launch a vehement diatribe against a wide…

Chris Stevens 2 Min Read

Meta Launches ‘Game-Changing’ Twitter-Like App, Posing a Major Threat to Elon Musk’s Struggling Platform

Meta is reportedly gearing up to release Threads, an app that bears a striking resemblance to Twitter, presenting a significant…

Chris Stevens 2 Min Read

Trump Throws Tantrum as DOJ Turns Over Evidence For Prosecution

Former President Donald Trump on Thursday unleashed a barrage of desperate pleas on Truth Social, repeatedly urging Congress to rescue…

Chris Stevens 3 Min Read

Are You Owed Money From The FTC’s $3.3M Student Loan Scam Settlement?

This week, the Federal Trade Commission made an announcement regarding the distribution of $3.3 million to tens of thousands of…

Chris Stevens 2 Min Read
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