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Passengers Pass Out, Soil Themselves After Sitting Hours in Scorching Heat on The Las Vegas Tarmac



Las Vegas airport
After sitting hours in heat on the Las Vegas tarmac, several passengers pass out and were taken to the hospital. (Photo: Imgur)

Passengers on a Delta flight 555 from Harry Reid Las Vegas Airport to Atlanta faced distressing conditions after enduring hours of scorching heat on the Las Vegas tarmac. As a result, several passengers and at least one flight attendant were wheeled out and sent to the hospital.

The outside temperature exceeded 110 degrees Fahrenheit while the interior temperature was unreported, and the absence of air conditioning on the aircraft exacerbated the situation.

In a series of tweets, a Fox producer who was onboard the flight shared firsthand accounts of the distressing incident:

According to the producer, the pilot notified passengers of emergencies, leading to the decision to turn the plane around. Passengers were instructed to remain seated until paramedics could attend to them. As conditions worsened, the Fox producer witnessed passengers fainting and others experiencing distressing outcomes, such as soiling themselves, due to the oppressive 111F (43.8C) heat. Flight attendants were seen rushing through the aisles with oxygen tanks, and the cries of distressed babies filled the cabin, while passengers were compelled to stay in their seats.

Upon the jet’s return to the terminal, at least five passengers were transported on stretchers, receiving emergency care and oxygen for heat-related illnesses. The flight was ultimately canceled.

It’s unclear whether the extreme heat caused damage to the tarmac. Delta has pledged to investigate the incident thoroughly and provide more comprehensive information than what was initially reported by witnesses.

Las Vegas and the Southwest region have been enduring record-breaking temperatures for an extended period. The National Weather Service cautioned residents that the intense heat, though characteristic of the desert, deviated from the typical desert conditions this time.

Climate change acts as a threat multiplier, as exemplified by the increasing incidence of flight turbulence due to worsening climate conditions, as scientific studies have revealed.

Democratic Senator and former astronaut Mark Kelly of Arizona highlighted his observations from space and urged the Senate to take action. Reflecting on his experiences, Kelly emphasized the fragility of the Earth’s atmosphere and the need for better environmental stewardship. He acknowledged that denying climate change had become increasingly rare among his colleagues in the Senate, emphasizing the urgency to address the issue.


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