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Supreme Court Blocks Eastman’s Bid to Erase His Role in Trump’s Coup Attempt

The Supreme Court has denied a plea from indicted right-wing lawyer John Eastman to dismiss court rulings linking him to…

Staff Writer 4 Min Read

Trump ‘Loved’ That His ‘Trashy Supporters’ Were ‘Fighting For Him’ And Barging The Capitol: Transcripts

New details from the Jan 6. Committee investigation emerged on MSNBC on Friday that revealed just how Donald Trump felt…

Chris Stevens 1 Min Read

House Sergeant-At-Arms Claims Police Would Have Killed January 6 Rioters If They Had Been Black

House Sergeant-at-Arms William Walker told the congressional January 6 panel during a testimony that police officers would have used deadlier…

Chris Stevens 2 Min Read

Melania Trump Aide Says Former First Lady ‘Knew’ J6 Insurrection Would Happen

A former aide to Melania Trump revealed to the January 6 Committee that the former first lady "knew something was…

Chris Stevens 2 Min Read

Watergate Lawyer Says It’s Over For Trump:’He Is Guilty Beyond A Reasonable Doubt’

The House Select Committee has finally released its full report on the investigation of the events that transpired at the…

Chris Stevens 3 Min Read

Trump Wanted To Deploy 10K National Guard Soldiers To Protect Him And Insurrectionists On Jan 6: Report

A new report on the January 6 insurrection revealed this week that Donald Trump wanted to walk along his supporters…

Chris Stevens 3 Min Read
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