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Mark Meadows Incinerated a Trove of Trump Documents On His Way Out of The White House, Ex-Aide Reveals



Former White House Chief Of Staff Mark Meadows.
Former White House Chief Of Staff Mark Meadows. (Photo: Imgur)

Former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows reportedly burned a trove of Trump-related documents in a White House fireplace. The shocking revelation was exposed by ex-White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson.

In a bombshell disclosure last year, Hutchinson described a startling incident involving Meadows. It was reported by Politico that Meadows had recklessly discarded critical Trump administration documents into a White House fireplace. These documents were disposed of after a clandestine meeting with the House Freedom Caucus chair to discuss a sinister plot aimed at undermining the 2020 election.

Now, in a tell-all new book, Hutchinson is peeling back even more layers of this jaw-dropping episode.

As reported by The New York Times: “It was, by her telling, an administration awash in paranoia, with Mr. Meadows and others refusing to dispose of daily litter in ‘burn bags’ for fear that someone from the ‘deep state’ might intercept the contents. Instead, she writes, Mr. Meadows burned so many documents in his fireplace in the final days of the Trump presidency that his wife complained to Ms. Hutchinson about how expensive it had become to dry-clean the ‘bonfire’ aroma from his suits.”

In an article for MSNBC, Steven Benen suggests that there’s “a degree of irony to the circumstances.”

“In the wake of Donald Trump’s criminal indictments, the former president has repeatedly insisted that relevant information related to Jan. 6, in his telling, was set on fire,” he wrote. “Last month, for example, he used his social-media platform to publish a weird, all-caps missive that read, ‘The January 6 unselect committee extinguished and destroyed all ‘evidence’ & records. Criminals!'”

Read Benen’s entire article at MSNBC.

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