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GOP Senator Will Block Two Trump Nominees Until He Answers Why He Fired Multiple Inspectors General



Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) is demanding answers from Donald Trump. On Thursday, the Republican Senators announced that he would be putting a hold on two Trump administration nominees until the president answers why he fired two inspectors general.

Grassley noted that it required by law for the executive branch to submit cause for termination of inspectors general to Congress.

He tweeted the following:

“Im placing holds on 2 Trump Admin noms until I get reasons 4firing 2 agency watchdogs as required by law Not 1st time ive raised alarm when admins flout IG protection law Obama did same& got same earfull from me All I want is a reason 4 firing these ppl CHECKS&BALANCES.”

Trump has fired multiple inspectors general over the last few months.

One that stands out the most is Steve Linick, the State Department inspector general, who had been conducting multiple investigations into Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for possible misuse of government resources and bypassing Congressional oversight on a Saudi arms deal.

According to Pompeo, who had told Trump to fire Linick, he did not know that he was under investigation.

But Linick recently told Congress that he had relayed details of the investigation to multiple close advisers of the secretary.

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