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Ukrainian Forces Blow Up Russian Ammo Depot Near The Border



Russian ammo depot

A Russian military weapons depot was reportedly destroyed by a missile strike in the Russian city of Belgorod, close to the Ukrainian border, according to multiple reports.

Russian state media reports that Ukraine shelling struck the arsenal causing it to explode. There are at least four injuries although that may be downplaying the severity of the attack.

Witnesses said the strike had “presumably” come either “via drone or short-range ballistic missile”, The Mirror reported.

Footage of the explosion shared on social media shows a huge explosion illuminating the night sky in the distance of the scene being filmed.

The successful attack is the latest blow to Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, who is currently said to be hiding away at a top-secret nuclear bunker east of Moscow.

It also comes as Ukrainian forces had pushed back Russian troops from a number of positions around Kyiv.

he Kremlin said it will be withdrawing troops from the Kyiv area of Ukraine after days of unsuccessful attempts to take the Ukraine capital.