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Right-Wing Group Sparks Outrage After Posting ‘$500 Bounty’ On Teachers Over Critical Race Theory



Critical Race Theory

A New Hampshire conservative group is facing harsh criticism after posting a tweet offering a $500 bounty to anyone who reports a teacher for breaking a new state law that limits discussion of critical race theory in the school system. The new law passed earlier this year.

The group said it would pay through PayPal and add “CRT bounty’s in the notes” of the digital payment application, The Hill reports.

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu, a Republican, was among those who condemned the group, saying in a statement that” offering ‘bounties’ and any sort of financial incentive is wholly inappropriate and has no place.”

The governor opposed an earlier iteration of the legislation that would have limited discussion of any “divisive concepts” in schools, but ended up supporting language inserted into the state’s budget that prohibited teaching children that they belonged to inferior or oppressive identity groups, according to The Hill.

New Hampshire has a reporting system on its state website, which allows the public to report a teacher and potentially revoke the educator’s license, according to
The Hill.

See the group’s email below.