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Jen Psaki Skillfully Forces Peter Doocy To Acknowledge Biden’s Leadership In Uniting World Against Putin



White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki schooled Fox News’ Peter Doocy on how diplomacy works and forced the conservative correspondent to acknowledge some of the many things President Biden has done to unite the world against Putin’s criminal aggression on its neighboring country.

During Friday’s press briefing, suggested that President Joe Biden has done nothing to restrain Russian President Vladimir Putin from attacking Ukraine.

Citing a report from The New York Times that the US asked China to help you stop Russia from invading Ukraine, Doocy asked Psaki: “What have you guys done throughout this slow moving Russia crisis that has worked?,”

“In what capacity?” Psaki fired back, forcing Doocy to actually list some of the many things President Biden and his administration have done over the past month or more to try to silence Putin’s drums of war.

“Well, the President talked to Putin,” Doocy began. “He talked to the G-7. He threatened sanctions. He put sanctions in place. Now he says the sanctions are going to take 30 days, or about a month. Do you guys think the people in Ukraine have about a month?”

Perplexed by his ignorance, Psaki proceeded to school him on how diplomacy actually works.

“Well, Peter, let me just take a step back and explain to everyone how diplomacy works and how our approach from the United States has worked,” Psaki replied.

She added: “What the President has done is he has built a global coalition to stand up in the face of President Putin and President Putin’s aggression and invasion of Ukraine. What he has done is he has rallied the world, our European partners, even at cost to them in some capacities, to put in place significant sanctions, historic sanctions, that would have an enormous impact on the Russian financial sector. It is President Putin’s choice to go to war and invade Ukraine. That is what he has done. It is our choice and our responsibility and the role of the President in the United States to rally opposition and make sure they feel significant pain from that choice. That’s exactly what we have done.”

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