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#FireTrumpNotFauci Trends After President Hints Firing Trusted Health Official



It didn’t take long for the #FireTrump and #FireTrumpNotFauci hashtags to emerge after President Donald Trump on Sunday night retweeted a message that declared #FireFauci.

Following Dr. Anthony Fauci’s appearance on CNN Sunday morning, in which he confirmed the U.S. federal government “could have saved more lives” if it had acted earlier and more urgently to address the coronavirus, Trump issued an ominous threat against the widely respective infectious disease specialist by retweeting a post that declared “Time to #FireFauci.”

The attack on Fauci was just one of many Trump posted to the social media platform Sunday night that attempted to defend his management of the outbreak, deflect criticism, and blame others.

Despite the enormous amount of in-depth reporting and public record that documents a “botched” response on numerous fronts, Trump has continued to claim that he acted swiftly and appropriately to the pandemic.

Historian Juan Cole, in his Monday morning column, certainly thinks it’s possible that Rump will replace Dr. Fauci.

“Trump could well get tired of being contradicted by Dr. Fauci, and we know he fires people at the drop of a hat,” writes Cole. “Trump is perfectly capable of installing some suck-up crony as head of the coronavirus task force, someone who would be all right with declaring the pandemic over. Trump has an irrational dislike of the large scale testing and contact tracing method South Korea used to get back to work, and without Fauci there to champion testing, it could fall be the wayside, condemning us to waves of outbreaks and 18 months of on again off again shutdowns.”

His attack on Dr. Fauci drew an avalanche of responses on Twitter:

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