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Don Jr Calls Biden Racist For Not ‘Fixing’ Racism With A Black President



On Tuesday, Donald Trump Jr. told a crowd of Trump supporters that Joe Biden was racist because he didn’t solve racial inequality when he was vice president to the first African-American president.

At a campaign event in Pennsylvania, the president’s son responded after a member of the audience called Biden a “racist.”

“Well, he is,” Trump claimed. “He was best friends with every segregationist ever to walk the halls of Congress.”

“But he’s going to fix those issues now, right?” he added sarcastically. “Now he’s going to fix racial tensions in America. Why did you wait 47 years, Joe? You know, if you really cared, if you thought it was something you were going to campaign on, maybe you would have utilized, I don’t know, your 38 years in the United States Senate.”

Trump added: “How about if you really wanted to do something about the issue — because this is what I would have done. Now, I have a brain but maybe it’s different. But if I really cared about the issue I would have maybe utilized my eight years as vice president to the first African-American president.”

Take a look at his remarks below:

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