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Distressing Video Shows Syrian Man Stabbing Multiple Victims, Including Toddlers, in French Playground



France knife attack

A video has emerged online showing a disturbing incident that unfolded in a picturesque Alpine town in France when a Syrian refugee repeatedly stabbed adults and children in a playground.

The 90-second clip, widely shared online, depicts the horrifying scene in the town of Annecy, where at least six people were injured, including four young children under the age of five who are now fighting for their lives.

Due to the graphic nature of the video, we have chosen not to display it. However, a detailed description of the events follows below:

The footage begins with the assailant, a 31-year-old Syrian national with legal refugee status in France, emerging from the play area of Le Paquiet Park. Dressed in black and wearing a blue headscarf, he calmly plays with a chain around his neck while brandishing a knife. Heart-wrenching screams fill the air as the attacker runs at his victims.

In the video, a woman desperately tries to push two young children in a double stroller while the stabber circles nearby. A courageous bystander attempts to tackle the assailant but is attacked in the process. The attacker then returns to the play area and targets the woman pushing the stroller. She bravely tries to fend him off, shouting “Get away!” in English as she shields the children.

Reports indicate that one toddler in the stroller was stabbed during the horrifying ordeal. Other individuals in the park, including a group of women, also tried to intervene while the attacker circled back multiple times, stabbing downwards at the stroller.

Eventually, the attacker leaves the play area and heads toward a grass field. Additional footage shows a bystander with a bag chasing after him until the police arrive and apprehend the suspect.

According to the lead prosecutor, four children between 22 months and 3 years old sustained life-threatening injuries, along with two adults. While the victims’ identities remain unknown, authorities have confirmed that at least two of the injured children were tourists, one of whom is a British national.

Witnesses described the assailant’s random and violent actions, stating that he shouted incoherently and appeared to target everyone in his path. Although the motive behind the attack remains unknown, investigators have ruled out any terrorism-related connections.

Watch the report below from GB News.


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