Florida Man Arrested After Dropping Child Off Balcony to ‘Scare Him a Little Bit’: Police

FLORIDA – Daytona Beach police have arrested 31-year-old Brandon Gilmore following a disturbing incident at the Sandalwood Resort on Saturday…

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Florida Man Charged With Murder For Crashing U-Haul Into Neighbor’s Balcony And Shooting Him After Complaint

A Florida man rammed a U-Haul truck into his new neighbor's balcony, then allegedly fired multiple shots that killed the…

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Florida Woman Calls Cops on Herself While Trying to ‘Legally’ Steal a Car: Deputies

In a quintessential Florida move, a woman was nabbed by deputies after she dialed 911 on herself while attempting to…

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Florida Man Takes a Bite Out of Deputy’s Head During Wild Rampage at EDM Fest

The man was arrested after biting a chunk out of a deputy's head at an EDM music festival on Sunday

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Florida Man Kills A Child And Himself In Attempted Murder-Suicide

A man in St. Johns County in Florida killed himself on Friday after shooting a child. According to authorities, deputies…

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Florida Man Beats Roommate’s Raccoon With A Hammer, Then Threatens To Kill Neighbor

In the latest news coming from the state of Florida, a man was arrested after he bludgeoned his roommate’s pet…

Chris Stevens 1 Min Read

Florida Couple On The Run After Stealing Car From 88-Year-Old Woman And Selling It On Craigslist

A Florida couple is wanted after they took advantage of an elderly woman by taking her car and selling it…

Chris Stevens 1 Min Read

FLORIDA MAN Jailed For Beating Wife With Christmas Tree Because She ‘Asked For Help With Dinner’

During the holidays, women often shoulder the bulk of the housework, so it's expected that family would help ease their…

Carl Anthony 2 Min Read

Florida Man Found Naked In Apartment Of Two Women Is Arrested After Telling Police He Is Unsure Which Of The Two Women Is His Wife

A Florida man is behind bars after two women, who did not know him, found the man naked in their…

Carl Anthony 1 Min Read

FLORIDA MAN Arrested After Leaving Unlocked Phone At Friend’s House, Who Saw His Photo Album

A Florida man was arrested after leaving his phone with no password protection at a friend's House. Upon noticing the…

Carl Anthony 2 Min Read

Florida Man Arrested After Shooting Sheriff’s Deputy In Road Rage Because ‘Emotions Get The Best Of Him’

A Florida man was arrested after shooting a Hillsborough County Sheriff's deputy in a bizarre case of road rage, the…

Carl Anthony 2 Min Read

Florida Man Attempts Biggest Toothbrush Heist At A Walgreens, Gets Arrested

A man in Florida was arrested this week after attempting to steal over $1,300 worth of toothbrushes at a local…

Chris Stevens 1 Min Read

Florida Cop Murders His Best Friend After ‘Jokingly’ Pointing Loaded Gun At Him

Brevard County Deputy Andrew Lawson shot and killed Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Austin Walsh over the weekend after he…

Chris Stevens 1 Min Read
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