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Florida Man Admits To Murdering His Mother For ‘Never Pushing Him To Be A Man’: ‘I Would Do It Again’



Florida man Matthew Sisley, 21, confessed this week to murdering his mom because “she never pushed [him] to be a man.”

According to court documents, Sisley was accused of fatally stabbing his mother at her home in Kissimmee and lacerating his sister’s hands when she tried to intervene in the attack.

After deputies caught up to a bloody Sisley on Tuesday afternoon, he confessed at the sheriff’s office to stabbing his mother. According to the sheriff’s office, he said, “I would do it again.”

When a detective asked if Sisley thought his mother deserved to get stabbed, the statement said he responded, “Yes. … Because she never pushed me to be a man.”

According to a motion for pre-trial detention filed by state prosecutors Wednesday in the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court in Osceola County, Sisley’s sister witnessed the deadly attack.

“The victim heard their mother screaming for her life. When the victim came out of her room, she observed the defendant stabbing their mother multiple times with a kitchen knife,” the motion said. “The victim attempted to intervene and sustained multiple deep lacerations to her hands from the defendant cutting her.”

The motion asked the court to keep Sisley in jail without bond.