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Bad News, Brad!: Florida Man Arrested For Shoplifting At Walmart During Police Event



Brad from Florida

A Florida man was arrested after trying to steal from a Walmart during a Shop with a Cop event in St. Cloud, the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office said.

“Seriously we just can’t make this up,” the sheriff’s office wrote on a Facebook post. “Brad decided to steal from our good neighbors and partners at Walmart in St. Cloud while we were conducting the Shop With a Cop event with the children of our community.”

“Bad news, Brad! The store was full of deputies, almost 40, beside the forensics team, the community services team, the CSOs, the OCSO Majors, and Sheriff Marcos R. Lopez. Bad idea, Brad,” the sheriff’s office added.


Brad was arrested at Walmart in St. Cloud Source: Osceola County Sheriff’s Office

Brad is being held at Osceola County Jail. A bond hearing has been scheduled for Monday, Dec. 5.