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TX Lt. Gov Laughs At People Who Are Scared To Vote In Person During Pandemic: ‘This Is A Scam By The Democrats To Steal The Election’



Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said that it is “laughable” that people under the age of 65 are scared to vote in person during a pandemic and that mail-in voting is “a scam by the Democrats.”

“There is no reason — capital N, capital O — no reason that anyone under 65 should be able to say I am afraid to go vote,” Patrick, a Republican, said in an interview with Fox News. “Have they been to a grocery store? Have they been to Walmart? Have they been to Lowe’s? Have they been to Home Depot? Have they been anywhere? Have they been afraid to go out of their house? This is a scam by the Democrats to steal the election.”

Since the outbreak began, Texas has been in a legal fight over whether it has to expand who is eligible to vote by mail during the coronavirus pandemic.

Patrick has echoed Donald Trump’s claims that voting by mail leads to voter fraud and somehow that favors Democrats.

“This idea that we want to give you a disability claim because I am afraid to go vote — if you are under 65 — is laughable,” Patrick said. “You have more chance of being in a serious auto accident if you are under 65 on the way to vote than you do from catching the virus and dying from it on the way to voting. This is the greatest scam ever.”

Take a look at his remarks in the video clip below:

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