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Fox News Anchor Brutally Fact Checks Trump On Mail-In Voting: ‘There Is No Record Of Massive Fraud’



Fox News anchor Chris Wallace gave Donald Trump a lesson on telling the truth on Friday when he debunked the president’s theory that mail-in ballots could result in massive voter fraud.

“I’ve done some deep dive in it,” Wallace told Fox News’ Ed Henry. “There really is no record of massive fraud, or even serious fraud, from mail-in voting. It’s being carried out in Republican states, it’s being carried out in Democratic states. There’s no indication that mail-in voting as opposed to in-person voting tends to favor one party over another – if anything, it tends to favor Republicans,” Wallace noted.

“The people – now we’re talking about outside a pandemic – historically who tended to vote most often by mail are elderly people.”

Trump has been pushing the idea that voting by mail should be illegal because it leads to rigged elections. He did not offer any such evidence to back his case.

“If people mail in ballots there’s a lot of illegality they send in ballots that they harvest ballots you know all about harvesting and they do lots of bad things, ah, ideally people go out and they vote,” Trump said. “Now, if you need a mail-in ballot if you need a specific, like, for example, I’m in the White House and I have to send the ballot to Florida, that makes sense.”

“When people get their ballots and mail them in themselves, no history of fraud at all,” Wallace concluded, destroying President Trump’s false claims.

Take a look at Wallace’s takedown of Trump’s claims in the video clip below:

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