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TRUMPED-UP: Joe Scarborough Nails What Sent Trump Into a Crime Spreed After Losing 2020 Election



Donald Trump

During Tuesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough explained that Donald Trump’s inability to accept that he got defeated in the 2020 election sent him on a crime spree that nearly ended American democracy and why the former president still can’t come to terms with that reality.

After pointing out that Trump had intended to disregard the election results all along, the ‘Morning Joe” host explained that Trump couldn’t come to terms with the fact that his campaign was unable to overcome a superior effort by Joe Biden and the Democrats to turn out voters against the former president.

“One of the reasons Donald Trump had so much trouble accepting the election results — first of all, he wasn’t going to accept them,” Scarborough said. “He told Chris Christie in the spring he wasn’t going to accept them, he started lying in the spring about a rigged election,” Scarborough continued.

“That said, I talked to people on Trump’s campaign team throughout the election, like you did. They sat down, they showed me the data, they showed me the numbers. They said we’re going to pull this many people out, this is how we’re going to get re-elected. They pulled that many people out,” he added.

“What Trump still can’t come to terms with is the Democrats and the Biden campaign did a better job at bringing out historic numbers,” Scarborough said.

“It’s crazy, and again … it’s the blocking and tackling. It’s the getting people out. It’s the making history, not with an extraordinary speech, on the top of Mount Olympus, by knocking on doors, making phone calls, driving people to the polls, winning.”

Watch the segment in the video below from MSNBC.


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