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Trump Tried To Trademark The Phrase ‘Rigged Election’ And Failed



A new report released on Friday by CNN revealed that Donald Trump reached out to his son-in-law Jared Kushner in 2020 to ask if he could trademark the phrase “rigged election” to be his own. Spoiler: he couldn’t.

The information was revealed in emails provided by Kushner, an adviser in Trump’s White House, and released as part of the final batches of transcripts from the House January 6 Select Committee.

“On November 9, 2020, then-Trump aide Dan Scavino emailed Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser, with the request from Trump,” reported Tierney Sneed, Katelyn Polantz, and Kate Sullivan. “‘Hey Jared! POTUS wants to trademark/own rights to below, I don’t know who to see – or ask…I don’t know who to take to,’ the email from Scavino reads, according to a transcript of Kushner’s testimony to the committee, which was released by the panel on Friday. Two phrases were bolded in the email: ‘Save America PAC!’ and ‘Rigged Election!'”

“Kushner forwarded the request and discussed it on an email chain that included Eric Trump, the President’s son; Alex Cannon, a Trump campaign lawyer; Sean Dollman, the chief financial officer of Trump’s 2020 campaign, and Justin Clark, a Trump campaign lawyer,” said the report, noting that Kushner wrote “Guys – can we do ASAP please?”

Ultimately, Eric Trump responded back to the email and claimed that web domains for both of those terms were already taken.


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