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Trump And His Task Force Urge CDC To Revise COVID-19 Death Count To Please Trump: Report



Donald Trump is facing increase pressure as the coronavirus death toll continues to increase by the thousands daily.

Instead of doing something to stop the deaths from happening, Trump and his coronavirus task force are urging the Center for Disease Control to stop calculating so many COVID-19 deaths and dial down the number.

According to the Daily Beast, Five administration officials working on the pandemic response claimed that the White House has pressed the CDC to revise the way they count coronavirus deaths.

The Beast reports that Dr. Deborah Birx, who sits on the coronavirus task force team, has urged CDC officials to exclude some individuals who are presumed positive but don’t have confirmed lab results.

According to the report, Trump has privately been complaining that the death toll has been inflated by the CDC’s current methodology.

“My view is the president is totally correct that we need to have medical transparency,” said conservative economist Art Laffer, who has advised the White House on reopening businesses. “When you attribute a death to the coronavirus today, what that means is that the guy had the coronavirus and died. It doesn’t matter if he got hit by a car and died, and he would still be categorized as a coronavirus death.”

Despite the pressure from the Trump administration to stop reporting so many deaths, five CDC officials told the publication that they will not be granting the request and that the death count may actually be higher than government statistics currently show.

“The system can always get better. But if we’ve learned anything it’s that we’re seeing some of these individuals who have died of the virus slip through the cracks,” one official told The Daily Beast. “It’s not that we’re overcounting.”

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