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Televangelist Says Trump’s Lies Aren’t Intentional Because He Loves God So Much: Watch



Televangelist Sid Roth, who hosts a YouTube show that gives Christian interpretations of people’s dreams, is now claiming that Donald Trump has never lied intentionally because he is a man of faith.

Roth was asked during a Q&A if he thought Trump lies. He claimed that Trump is too much of a devoted Christian to lie on purpose.

“I have friends who tell me they’ve led him to the Lord, that he is a man that is trying to follow God,” Roth said. “I personally believe he is, because I see the favor of God on his life.”

“I don’t think he lies intentionally, but I think he would tell a lie,” he added. “Do I think that the media that accuses him of some horrific lies, lies? Yes! That I know. Whether he lies or not, I don’t know. But whether the media lies about him I know because I know the facts, and I see how they distort or take things out of context.”

Take a look at his remarks in the video clip below:

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