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‘He’s Going To Spill The Beans’: Cohen To Publish Tell-All Book Right Before Election To Take Down Trump



A new report revealed on Saturday that Donald Trump’s former fixer Michael Cohen has been working on a book during his incarceration that will be published prior to the November election.

According to the Daily Beast’s Lachlan Cartwright, Cohen’s book will “spill the beans” on the president’s antics and dealings.

“Rumors of Cohen, 53, penning a lurid expose on Team Trump have been swirling for years. The Daily Beast first reported in February 2018 that Cohen was shopping a book, tentatively titled Trump Revolution: From The Tower to The White House, Understanding Donald J. Trump, and he later reached an agreement with Center Street, the conservative imprint of publishing house Hachette, to publish it,” the report notes, with three sources saying the book is now forthcoming.

In an interview with the Beast, Cohen friend, actor and comedian Tom Arnold, said “Cohen told him the book would pull no punches.”

“It’s like Jaws—you don’t see Jaws very much, but you hear the music, and for Trump he knows Michael is coming and Trump better hear the Jaws music,” Arnold said in an interview. “He told me he’s been writing a book and he’s pissed. He told me he is going to spill the beans. What has he got to lose now?”

You can read more on the interview HERE.

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