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Trump Owes More Than $1.8 Million To Cities Across The Nation For Unpaid MAGA Rally Fees: Report



Donald Trump has now racked up more than $1.8 million in unpaid bills for police and security at his MAGA rallies, a new report states.

According to The Center for Public Integrity, Trump’s campaign owes a total of $1.82 million to 14 local municipalities for public safety-related costs incurred during the president’s “Make America Great Again” events.

The report states that the amount owed is nearly double the amount of debt Trump had last summer when he owed at least $841,219 to 10 city governments – which he has failed to pay.

According to the report, Trump’s team doesn’t plan on paying the bills as they claim that it’s not their responsibility, though the latest campaign finance data shows they have more than enough with a $100 million war chest.

But now, with the outbreak of the coronavirus, local governments are urging Trump to pay up, saying that the money could come in handy at a moment where millions have lost their jobs.

“Without this money, we cannot help our most vulnerable, and I guarantee we do not have enough money to prevent lives lost and homes lost,” Kate Burke, a city council member in Spokane, Washington, told the Center for Public Integrity. Burke said Trump owes the city more than $65,000 from an event hosted in 2016.

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