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Trump Brags About ‘Only’ 65K COVID-19 Deaths: ‘We Did Incredible Work’



On Friday night, Donald Trump bragged about the number of coronavirus deaths in the country. Trump projected that “only” 60,000 to 65,000 Americans will die from the virus and bragged that thanks to him the number is less than it could have been.

Trump showed no type of empathy for the victims that have lost their lives due to COVID-19. Instead, Trump bragged about the work he and his team have done and his plan on reopening the country soon – despite medical experts warning against it.

“We’ve already built sufficient capacity nationwide so states can begin their re-openings. And I think you’ll be hearing a lot about re-openings in the coming weeks and months,” Trump told reporters during Friday’s coronavirus briefing.

“Most excitingly in the coming weeks, I think you’re going to see some very, very dramatic steps taken – and very safely,” Trump bragged.

“When you look at the possible deaths at 2.2 million people – and it could have very well been that, it could have been more,” the president continued, as he continued to pat himself on the back. “Frankly I’ve been looking at numbers where it could have been higher than that. 2.2 million people dying. If you figure we lost 500,000, maybe 600,000 in the Civil War, 2.2 million people, a minimum if we did nothing would have been 1.6, if you cut that in half, you’re talking about 800,000 [to] 900,000 – a million people dying.”

“But we did a lot of work, and the people of this country were incredible, I have to say, I think we’re heading to the other category, that would be if we did work, and if it was successful they had between 100,000 and 220,000 to 240,000 on the upside, and I think we’ll be substantially, hopefully below the ‘100’ number, and I think right now we’re headed probably around ’60,’ maybe 65,000.”

Trump did nothing when he was first informed about the virus. He mishandled the threat and it led to a rapid spread across the nation.

“I always say, ‘One is too many,’” Trump claimed. A Google search turns up no statement of Trump having ever said that.

“It’s a horrible thing that happened to our country,” he added, presumably referring to the coronavirus.

Take a look at his remarks in the video clip below:

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