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Sparks Fly At Missouri House Floor After Republicans Go ‘Full Taliban’ On Women With New Dress Code



Republican taliban

Missouri Republicans are being eviscerated for imposing a rule that requires female lawmakers to cover their arms in the state House.

During the debate, Democrats tore into their GOP colleagues over the new dress code regulation.

“There are some very serious things within this package that we should be debating, but instead we are again fighting for a woman’s right to choose something and this time it is how she covers herself and the interpretation of someone who has no background in fashion,” Democratic state Rep. Raychel Proudie said on the floor during the heated debate.

State Rep. Ashley Aune (D) blasted GOP Rep. Ann Kelley, who sponsored the new rule, saying: “You know what it feels like in this room to have a bunch of men in this room looking at your top to decide whether it’s appropriate or not?”

Aune added that the entire debate was “ridiculous.”

At this point, Kelley appeared to have grown frustrated. She then retorted that it was indeed “ridiculous” that her colleagues were engaging in such a heated debate over her proposed changes.

“Lady, you’re right, it is ridiculous,” Kelley said. “It is absolutely ridiculous that we have to talk about it on the House floor in the House chamber. Why should we even talk about something like this?”

Aune responded by pointing out that it was Kelley’s proposal that started the debate.

“You brought this to the floor, lady. You tell me,” she said.

Videos of the debate posted on Twitter triggered an avalanche of negative responses.


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