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Roger Stone Reveals Techniques Used to Influence Trump (Video)



Roger Stone

According to a video obtained by the Daily Beast, famed political dirty trickster Roger Stone was caught on camera as he disclosed his methods of exerting influence over Donald Trump in a conversation with documentary filmmakers.

Stone described how he employs psychological manipulation to shape the former president’s words and actions, enabling him to effectively control Trump, and that he has done it for years.

The veteran political strategist acknowledged the challenges of dealing with Trump, emphasizing that he detests any insinuation that he is being managed or directed. However, he boasted about his four-decade track record of persuading Trump to act in his own best interest.

“Throughout my four-decade-long history, I have consistently managed to persuade the prominent figure to act in his own best interest,” Stone said. “It’s no easy task. The situation is complex, as he strongly resents any insinuation of being handled, managed, or directed.”

Stone provided an example of his approach, recounting a specific event in Buffalo where Trump delivered a powerful speech to a massive crowd of approximately 10,000 people. Stone would recall details from that night, praising Trump for a particular line he supposedly uttered, even if it never happened. By invoking such moments and crafting narratives, Stone demonstrated how he could manipulate Trump’s recollections and shape his perceptions.

“You have to invoke certain memories, such as that night we spent in Buffalo. Remember that powerful speech you delivered? It captivated a massive crowd of around 10,000 people, the largest audience they had ever seen. You uttered XYZ, and the place erupted with enthusiasm. Do you recall that moment? I’m not sure where that line came from, but it was truly one of your finest moments.”

Stone further emphasized that the accuracy of these fabricated memories is inconsequential. Although time-consuming, this method has proven effective throughout his thirty-year career of influencing Trump’s actions and words.

“Even if he never actually uttered those words, it doesn’t matter. It may be time-consuming, but it yields results. I employed this technique for three decades.”

See the clip below:


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