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Proud Boys removed From School Meeting As Board Approves Resolution Condemning Racism



Proud Boys

On Monday, a member of the violent right-wing group “Proud Boys” was escorted out of a school meeting in North Carolina as the school board approved a resolution condemning white supremacist groups.

The Proud Boys member was one of several people who were cut off and removed by law enforcement when they tried to speak about “critical race theory” and other topics that didn’t appear on the agenda of the Orange County school board, according to a report from Raleigh’s News & Observer.

In response to other recent Proud Boys demonstrations, the school board then unanimously approved a resolution opposing “incidents of hostile and racist behavior,” and saying it “stands united against all forms of white nationalism and white supremacy.”

“According to the school board resolution, Proud Boys members have spoken at school board meetings and shown up at Orange High School, including at the Sept. 24 football game, to protest the district’s COVID-19 policies,” the newspaper reported. “The resolution details emails from teachers and students who describe how unsafe they feel being around the Proud Boys. The comments include people charging that Proud Boys members shouted racist and homophobic slurs at students.”

The resolution also calls for setting up a text alert system that could be used in the event of future incidents involving hate groups, as well as educating students and staff about how to recognize extremist symbols.

“Outside of the school, people protesting mask mandates and the district’s LGBTQ policies held up signs and argued with counter protesters,” the newspaper reports. “Numerous people wore ‘Educate don’t indoctrinate’ shirts, while others shouted about their right to free speech.”

Some protesters also wore signs in support of Republican North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson, who was recently caught on video referring to LGBTQ people as “filth.”

Inside the meeting, at least four speakers had their microphones cut before being escorted out, according to video posted by The Observer.

“Thank you for exposing your communist ways, just like BLM,” one speaker said after board chairwoman Hillary MacKenzie cut his mic.

Watch a report from ABC 11 below.

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