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Pro-Trump Right-Winger Says We Should Blame The ‘Fake News Media’ For People Drinking Bleach



Right-wing activist and former CNN contributor Ed Martin claimed this week that people were, in fact, drinking disinfectant to try and cure themselves of coronavirus. But according to Martin, this is the media’s fault and not Donald Trump’s.

“I want to explain to you this isn’t a ‘fake news is bad’ thing; this is a ‘fake news is actually hurting people.’ And there’s one level to hurting people when they say the president said you should ingest disinfectant, and therefore, some people tried it. That’s probably true,” Martin said during a LiveStream. “But it’s not [that] the president said that; it’s the coverage of what the president said that makes people crazy.”

Martin went on to say that “fake news is really good at hurting Americans.”

“You have to fight through all the fake news to sources like this to understand what’s going on. And I’ll be clear, I’m not even saying Fox News is exempt. They’re part of the situation.”

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