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Ohio Swing Voters Are Angry With Trump’s Handling Of A Pandemic: ‘He Feels Like Lives Are Expendable’



Donald Trump’s chances of winning reelection in November continue to diminish, and the ongoing pandemic has not helped his image at all.

Axios reported on Saturday that swing voters in Ohio are not happy with the way the president has handled the coronavirus outbreak. Many of them feel as if he doesn’t care for their lives.

Swing voters in Canton, Ohio participated in a focus group survey about Trump’s handling of the pandemic.

All ten voters in the survey had flipped from Obama to Trump in 2016. But by the looks of it, they may not be voting for Trump a second time.

“There’s little appetite for partisan politics among these voters when it comes to a crisis with life-and-death consequences,” reported Alexi McCammond. “They want a leader who will work with health and science experts, find solutions, and activate in a way that won’t polarize the country.”

“Across the board, they gave glowing reviews to the way Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine (R) has handled the crisis,” continued the report. “By contrast, they described Trump as ‘lackadaisical’ with his words, not always sounding ‘the most educated,’ and being ‘all over the place.’”

“I do think his ego is getting a bit in the way,” said Kristen D., one of the participants. “And I think now we’re seeing things in the face of this pandemic that goes on behind the scenes that we haven’t seen before. Maybe he’s exposed a little bit.”

“He feels like lives are expendable as opposed to the state of the union at this point,” said agreed Sherry W.

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