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Morning Joe Panel Slams GOP Over Hunter Biden Complaints: ‘You Sound Like Morons’



Morning Joe
Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough. (Screengrab)

During a discussion on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” panelist John Heilemann didn’t mince his words when expressing his disdain for Republican complaints about Hunter Biden’s recent plea deal on tax fraud charges. Heilemann found it incredulous that if a Democratic president had appointed a prosecutor investigating one of the Trump children, Donald Trump would willingly keep that prosecutor in place, citing the need for public trust in an impartial legal system. He likened such a scenario to a far-fetched hallucination.

In light of these points, Heilemann dismissed the GOP’s criticism of the “sweetheart” plea deal as disingenuous and admonished them, stating, “Your statements come across as foolish and nonsensical.”

“Can you imagine an Obama-appointed prosecutor looking into one of the Trump kids… and [Trump] saying, ‘You know what, for matters of perception, I’m going to leave in Obama prosecutor in to look at Don Jr. because I want to make sure everyone has full faith in the legal system and it not be politicized.’ It’s like a hallucinatory fantasy that that could happen!”

“Guys — you just sound like morons when you say these things,” he added.

Later on, host Joe Scarborough played a clip featuring House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) evading questions about whether he believed a Trump-appointed prosecutor had given Hunter Biden preferential treatment. Scarborough remarked that Republicans had subjected themselves to public embarrassment with their handling of the situation.

Watch the segment below from MSNBC:


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