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Lindsey Graham Suggests Making It Easy For People To Vote Is ‘Just A Bad Idea’



Lindsey Graham

During an appearance on Fox News Sunday, GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham slammed a sweeping, Democratic-backed election reform bill that would expand voting rights, calling it “the biggest power grab in the history of the country” because it would make it easy for people to vote.

The bill calls for automatic voter registration when people get their driver’s licenses and to make election day a holiday so more people can vote. But Graham called the measure “a bad idea.”

“In my view, SR-1 is the biggest power grab in the history of the country. It mandates ballot harvesting, no voter ID. It does away with the states being able to redistrict when you have population shifts. It’s just a bad idea, and it’s a problem that most Republicans are not going to sign – they’re trying to fix a problem most Republicans have a different view of,” Graham said on “Fox News Sunday.”

Graham also said he would not support a compromise offered last week by Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.)

“Well one, I like Joe Manchin a lot but we had the largest turnout in the history the United States, and states are in charge of voting in America so I don’t like the idea of taking the power to redistrict away from the state legislators,” Graham said.

“You’re having people move from blue states to red states. Under this proposal, you’d have some kind of commission redraw the new districts, and I don’t like that,” he added. “I want states where people are moving to have control over how to allocate new congressional seats,” he added.

Watch the interview below: