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‘It’s Just Happened Now… Hold On’: Fox News Host Falsely Announces DHS Sec. Resigned During Interview With Trump



On Monday, Fox News host Harris Faulkner was interviewing Donald Trump when she interrupted the former president to announce the resignation of DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. However, that is false.

“I want to get to this because it’s just happened now,” Faulkner told Trump. “The DHS secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, has resigned, Mr. President.”

“Well, I’m not surprised,” Trump replied. “Good. That’s a big victory for our country.”

“Let’s me stop,” Faulkner interjected. “Let me listen to my team one more time. Forgive me. That has not happened. But I apologize.”

“You called for that though,” the Fox News host said. “And you were just talking about him, just to clarify, as somebody who is not competent to handle what’s going on. So let me clean up on aisle seven with my error. He has not resigned. Let me move to what you were calling for and others too, for him to move out of the way and get somebody who can do the job. Your thoughts?”

“Well, I think that will eventually happen,” Trump replied.

Watch the video below.