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Botched Trump Interview on Fox Sparks Internet Laughter Over ‘Heavily Edited’ Clip

Fox News aired an interview with Donald Trump on Sunday that was so disastrously executed, even the 'heavily edited' version…

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Deception And Division: Fox News’ Dangerous Campaign to Exonerate Trump

The jury might still be deliberating, but Donald Trump’s media allies have already delivered their verdict.

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Fox News Pulls Hunter Biden ‘Mock Trial’ Miniseries Amid Lawsuit Threat

Fox News swiftly took down a six-part miniseries focused on Hunter Biden from its streaming platform following a threat of…

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Fox News Pundits Visibly Perturbed By Robust US Economy, Trie To Credit Trump For Biden’s Success

Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo and her panelists seemed really frustrated by good news about the U.S. economy Friday.

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Conservatives Push Racially Charged Conspiracy Theories After Baltimore Bridge Collapse

Conservatives are shamelessly peddling a shockingly insensitive conspiracy theory surrounding the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore.…

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Fox News Reporter Ridiculed For Manufacturing His Own Biden News Story

Fox News correspondent Lucas Tomlinson is facing widespread ridicule, including from the White House, for engaging in "astroturfing" concerning President…

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Fox News Hosts Slam Dem Lawmakers’ Calls To End Violence In Middle East: ‘No Ceasefire, No!’

Democratic lawmakers are facing harsh criticism from Fox News figures for their call to halt the violence in the Middle…

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Fox News Abruptly Ends Interview After Ukraine Official Debunks MAGA Conspiracy Theory About Biden

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade faced widespread mockery after inadvertently discrediting a Republican conspiracy theory. This theory falsely claimed that…

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Trump Explodes At Fox News, Wall Street Journal Over ‘Dumbest Poll Yet’

Donald Trump launched an attack on Fox News and the Wall Street Journal around midnight on Saturday, accusing the media…

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‘I’m a Surrogate For Trump’: Marjorie Taylor Greene ‘Furious’ After Being Blocked by Fox News After Debate

Far right Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has unleashed a scathing critique aimed at Fox News after being denied entry to…

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