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Internet Responds To Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Tweet On ‘Random’ Jan 6 Riot



Marjorie Taylor Greene

GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene got ridiculed online after publicly posting an email sent by an investigator with the House’s Jan. 6 committee indicating the panel’s intent to subpoena one of her associates.

The Georgia Republican claimed the email is “is being sent to some of President Trump’s strongest supporters” over a “random” riot.

“The Democrats supported, cheered, & funded violent anti-government riots all over America for a year killing people & causing billions in destruction to private businesses. Now the J6 witch-hunt is going after innocent people that had nothing to do with a random 3 hour riot,” Taylor Greene tweeted on Wednesday.

Greene redacted the date of the email and the contact information of the sender, Sean Tonolli, who described himself as a “senior investigative counsel” for the panel.

In the email, Tonolli indicated that the panel intends to issue a subpoena to the recipient of the email and asked to be connected to the person’s legal counsel.

Naturally, Twitter users had to respond. Check some of the reactions below.