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Harrah’s Casino Calls Cops On Black Female Army Officer Saying Her Military ID Was Fake Because ‘The Rank Was Too High For Her’



Harra's racism

Staff at Harrah’s New Orleans casino called the police on a Black woman after suggesting that her military ID was fraudulent because her rank was too high for her. The incident was reported by Deja Harrison in a series of tweets this week.

“Harrahs Casino called the police on me because I showed my military I.D and the manager said it’s no way possible I made E-6 at the age of 23,” she explained. “Actually I’m a 2LT but I’ll wait for the police at 5 a.m.”

Harrison said that she also showed casino management her driver’s license, a vaccination card and a military pay stub.

“I shouldn’t be discriminated against just [because] I’m a high-ranked 23 [year] old black female in the Army!” she insisted.

Harrison later revealed that the New Orleans police never arrived on the scene.

“For those who are asking, I waited quietly in that same spot for 2 hours for the police to show,” she wrote. “They didn’t show so I’m handling the matter. Thanks to everyone who reached out and stood behind me.”

Harrah’s New Orleans did not respond to a request for comment.

Watch the video and read the tweets below.