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Former Aide’s Revelations Spell Grave Peril For Trump



Donald Trump indictment

In a significant turn of events, Donald Trump finds himself in a dire situation as he is confronted with the testimony of a former close aide, and according to CNN’s John Avlon, discrediting her claims will be no easy task for the former president.

News has emerged that Molly Michaels, a former personal assistant to Trump, has taken center stage as a pivotal witness in Special Counsel Jack Smith’s investigation concerning the Mar-a-Lago documents. Avlon elucidated on why Michaels’ testimony presents a formidable challenge for Trump’s legal team.

“It’s a very big deal because she was his gate keeper, his executive assistant. The fact she’s speaking to prosecutors and saying the former president ordered her to deny information during an official inquiry not only speaks to the president’s state of mind,” Avlon said. But for the Trump folks, the calls are coming from inside the house at this point. These are people who can’t be dismissed as having partisan axes to grind.”

Michaels’ testimony carries significant weight because it corroborates the notes compiled by Trump’s lawyer, Evan Corcoran. These notes detailed Trump’s contemplation of deceiving the government regarding the possession of classified documents, a key element that Smith will argue demonstrates Trump’s intent to obstruct the investigation.

Watch the segment below from CNN: