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First Vaccine That ‘Kills The Coronavirus’ Unveiled In Italy: Report



Italian researchers have revealed they have successfully developed “the first vaccine in the world” that kills the coronavirus and plan to roll out testing on humans after giving it and the antibodies they produced were able to kill the infection in human cells in a lab, according to the Daily Mail.

The Daily Mail reported that Scientists gave mice the jab and the antibodies they created in the test were able to stop human cells from being infected with the coronavirus.

Antibodies are substances produced by the immune system to remember how to fight off a specific infection and are vital for immunity.

Now, the Italian team plans to start trials in the autumn, as scientists race to halt the pandemic, according to the report.

But British Health Secretary Matt Hancock crushed their optimism by suggesting there is no guarantee an antidote for the coronavirus will be found and we would have to learn to live with the virus, according to Daily Mail.

You can read the entire report here.