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DOJ, Federal Judges Sound The Alarm: Trump Is Inciting Supporters To Violence Until Biden Is ‘Overthrown’



The Justice Department and several federal judges are warning that former President Donald Trump’s continued promotion of the “big lie” about the 2020 election could still incite his followers to violence, CNN report.

As courts weigh the future dangerousness of US Capitol riot defendants, two federal judges this week brought up the disinformation about 2020 from right-wing figures, and even Trump himself, as they considered keeping alleged Capitol rioters in jail before trial.

According to the news network, prosecutors from the Justice Department are warning that violent threats stemming from Trump-backed conspiracy theories are still alive, and that Trump supporters could be called to act again.

“It’s never too late” for pro-Trump extremist groups like the Proud Boys to mobilize, because the right-wing political climate hasn’t shifted much since Trump left office, federal prosecutor Jason McCullough argued at a hearing for one of the accused Proud Boys leaders earlier this week.

The comments from prosecutors and judges demonstrate how Trump’s post-presidency lying about 2020 is complicating matters for some of his most ardent supporters — including people who heeded his call to come to Washington on January 6 and are now in jail cells awaiting trial.

CNN noted reported the issue of future dangerousness by Capitol rioters keeps coming up in part because of an appellate ruling that prompted judges to ask whether a pro-Trump mob could attack again.

Prosecutors argued in court filings that detaining Capitol rioters until their trial is imperative as the Justice Department addresses head-on the possibility of persistent danger inspired by Trump.

The prosecutors explained to a judge in a court filing Thursday that its Capitol riot cases pursue right-wing militia members and people who have said they want to “continue in similar violent endeavors until the current administration is overthrown.”

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