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Christian ‘Prophetess’ Says ‘Angels With Flaming Swords’ Will Come Down And Save Trump From Impeachment



Amanda Grace, a Christian “prophetess” who supports Donald Trump, appeared on The MC Files on Wednesday night where she told host Chris McDonald that she has called on God to unleash an “angelic army” featuring “warring angels with flaming swords” to save Trump from impeachment.

According to Right Wing Watch, Grace predicted that Jay Sekulow, one of Trump’s attorneys at the impeachment trial, “will be a beacon of light on the hill, speaking with wisdom that only comes from Almighty God.”

“The den of lions will not touch him, for I have marked him and positioned him for such a time as this,” Grace claimed, speaking for God. “I will give him vision and I will expose to him what is being plotted behind closed doors. Revelation will come forth and he will emerge an incredible witness and mouthpiece for my glory. For I, the Lord, have already ruled in the courts, the gavel has dropped.

Later in the broadcast, she offered this prayer:

“We ask in the name of Jesus Christ, Father God, your army, your angelic army, your warring angels with flaming swords be dispatched, Father God, to shred, destroy, and put down every plot, scheme, contract, assignment, hex, vex, spell, and attempt of the enemy against the president, against those with him, against those praying for him, and against your people. We ask that you send, Father God, the captain of the army of the Lord of Hosts to lead that team right now — that legal team of the president’s — to lead them to victory and to expose and shine your divine light on what is hidden.”

Take a look at her remarks in the video clip below:

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