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Christian Activist Says Trump ‘Inspired’ Him To Launch His ‘F-ggots Are Maggots’ World Tour



Right-wing Christian “activist” Mike Heath said that he has been inspired by Donald Trump to attack the LQBTQ community on a personal level and will launch a “F-ggots Are Maggots” world tour.

Heath, who once ran for governor of Maine and failed, has not tried to hide his homophobia. In fact, he’s launching a world tour based on attacking gay people.

“I’m going to do a world tour,” Heath announced. “The theme is ‘Faggots are Maggots.’ The tour is inspired by the work of Donald Trump,” he said. “This isn’t satire. I’m serious. I started supporting Donald Trump early in the 2016 primary for one reason: he insults his enemies. He makes things personal that deserve to be personal. The decades of leftists being the only ones allowed to make everything personal are over. It’s long past time for WASP manners to take a back seat to the truth. Long past time.”

Heath then continued to attack the gay community.

“F*****s are indeed maggots. Maggots consume the rancid flesh of rotting dead things. F*****s are no different.”

He plans to launch his tour in Washington, D.C. on June 26, 2020, the historic day when the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage and added he hopes to take the tour to all 50 states.

“The subtitle for my world tour in 2020 is ‘Stump for Trump,’” he added. “We all need to Stump for Trump or it’s all going to be over.”

“I am beyond sick and tired of being told that I can’t call sodomites ‘faggots.’ For heaven’s sake, why not? When are we going to tell the truth.”

Take a look at his remarks in the video clip below:

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