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Giuliani Admits He’ll Still Try To Get Dirt On Biden Now That Trump Will Be Acquitted: ‘He Hasn’t Told Me Not To Do It’



Donald Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, is still on the hunt to obtain dirt against the president’s potential political opponent Joe Biden.

Speaking with NPR, Giuliani admitted his urge to continue to push for an investigation into the former vice president and even claimed that he would need Ukraine’s help.

“I believe that it would be one of the great corrupt events in American history if this case is not investigated at the highest levels of two governments,” he said.

As for his own role, Giuliani suggested he would continue to probe Biden even though he has so far come up completely empty.

“[Trump] hasn’t told me not to do it,” the former New York mayor said.

Giuliani also refused to say whether he had given any of his purported “evidence” over to the United States Department of Justice.

“I can’t answer that, it would be privileged material,” he said. “I can’t tell you if I did or didn’t do something with the Justice Department.”

This is the problem when you let a president get away with a lawless act because of his political affiliation. Trump won’t stop being corrupt as long as he can lean on Republicans to save him.

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