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I Would Support Trump ‘Even If He Ran A Dogfighting Ring On Mother Teresa’s Grave While Having Multiple Affairs’: Christian Pastor



How far would someone go to support Donald Trump? What if that person is a Christian pastor, how far would they go to support Trump?

According to Right-Wing Watch, conservative pastor Jonathan Shuttlesworth would support Trump even if the president “is found to be running a dogfighting ring on Mother Teresa’s grave while having multiple affairs.”

Right-Wing Watch posted a video on Twitter of Shuttlesworth praising Trump for not supporting Drag Queen Story Hour.

“The Bible says that when a culture starts to decline, there’s an obsession with sexual perversion,” he said. “And then it says they forever invent new ways of sinning, which with the transgender issue that is going on, that’s what you see. It’s like there will never be a stop where the devil thinks it’s too wicked, you’ll just see new ways to destroy a culture. So Satan knows that if he can jerk with the structure of the family and the father and mother and children and can mess that up, you can take a whole nation out. So that’s why there is such a focus on messing the home up.”

You can watch his remarks in the video clip below:

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