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Evangelical Leader Says Suleimani’s Killing Is Justified By The Bible



David Closson, who runs the religiously right-wing hate group Family Research Council (FRC), is now claiming that Donald Trump’s assassination of top Iranian General Qassim Soleimani was justified by the Bible.

Closson, who is the FRC’s director of Christian Ethics and Biblical Worldview, appeared on the program “Washington Watch with Tony Perkins,” where he explained to Perkins why “America’s response to Iran was justified from a Biblical perspective.”

According to Right Wing Watch’s Jared Holt, Closson said that the Bible “represents every aspect of life.” This even includes when nations should engage in war and Closson was on hand to explain why Trump’s actions are biblically supported.

Scripture, according to Closson “lets us see that all war itself is not intrinsically evil.” The Old Testament, he noted, sanctions war. Under the auspices of The New Testament, governments are supposed to answer to God as part of the responsibilities they bear toward their citizens.

“Sometimes there are compelling reasons for going to war,” Closson told Perkins. “And all killing is tragic, but sometimes it’s necessary.”

Perkins and Closson then argued that the Bible also states that going to war is sometimes necessary as well.

“A lot of Christians think that the default position of Christianity is passivism, but there’s actually quite a few examples in the Bible that actually — where Jesus thinks about these issues and scripture teaches a couple of examples,” Closson noted.

You can listen to their conversation below:

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