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Cellphone Video Shows Cop Punching 14-Year-Old After Accusing Him Of Smoking Marijuana. Police Did Not Find Marijuana



A video has gone viral of a white police officer in Northern California slamming a young African American teen on the ground and repeatedly punching him. The Rancho Cordova officer stopped the boy and accused him of smoking marijuana. A video of the incident has been viewed over 2 million times online. Now people are calling for the officer to be fired.

According to criminal defense attorney Rebecca Kavanagh, the boy, who appears to be less than half the officer’s weight, was confronted by the officer on Monday and accused of smoking marijuana. However, no marijuana was found on the boy.

The lawyer reported that while the child was not charged with marijuana possession, he was booked by police on a charge of resisting arrest.

Take a look at the video below:

WARNING: The next clip contains disturbing footage.

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