Lawrence O’Donnell Destroys Fox News’ Jesse Watters Over Trump Trial Lies

O'Donnell slammed Watters as a 'Liar' for his comments about jurors.

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‘Enough is Enough’: Fed Up Republicans Turn On Marjorie Taylor Greene’s ‘Disruptive Theatrics’

Republican Representative Marc Molinaro of New York didn't mince words when condemning the disruptive theatrics of his colleague, Representative Marjorie…

Staff Writer 3 Min Read

Joe Scarborough Calls Out Bill Barr’s Cowardice For Endorsing Trump’s Tyranny

During Thursday's edition of MSNBC's "Morning Joe", host Joe Scarborough slammed former Attorney General William Barr for his contradictory stance…

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‘Donald Trump Did This’: Morning Joe Just Opened a Can Of Worms For Trump

The phrase 'Donald Trump Did This' has emerged as a rallying call as Joe Scarborough slammed the former president's reversals…

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Paul Ryan Delivers a Stark Warning to Republicans About Trump’s Nomination

On Tuesday, former House Speaker Paul Ryan delivered a stark warning to Republicans, saying that the party is likely to…

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‘I Have News For You’: Kevin McCarthy Ripped Apart By Jen Psaki Over Looming Gov. Shutdown

MSNBC's Jen Psaki isn't convinced by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy's (R-Calif.) expressed concern that Republican hardliners might trigger a government…

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Lawrence O’Donnell Scorches Sen. Tuberville as ‘Most Disgraceful Senator’ in Explosive Rant

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell didn't mince words as he unleashed a scathing rebuke of Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-Ala.) during Thursday's broadcast…

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Eric Swalwell Goes After Jim Jordan During Merrick Garland Hearing

During a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Wednesday, Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) ripped Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) for accusing Attorney…

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You’re Not ‘Megan Thee Stallion’: Fox News Pundit Scolds Lauren Boebert For Pretending To Be a Celebrity

Raymond Arroyo, a Fox News contributor, ripped Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) and urged her to exercise restraint following her removal…

Staff Writer 2 Min Read

Trump Should Be Worried Following Stern Warning From Mueller Prosecutor

During an appearance on MSNBC on Tuesday, Andrew Weissmann, the former lead prosecutor on Robert Mueller's special counsel team, warned…

Staff Writer 3 Min Read

‘Have Fun in Discovery, Moron’: Elon Musk Dragged Over The Coals On His Own Website Over Latest Meltdown

After acquiring Twitter for $44 billion last year, Elon Musk is now being accused of hypocrisy for claiming that he's…

Staff Writer 5 Min Read

‘They Are Idiots’: Trump Lampoons His Own Sons, Will Likely Throw Them Under The Bus In NY Case, Biographer Says

During an interview on MSNBC on Thursday, David Cay Johnston, a biographer of Donald Trump, recounted a particular instance in…

Staff Writer 3 Min Read

Bill Barr Brilliantly Shuts Down Trump’s ‘Silly’ Claim That His Trials Will Interfere With Election

Former Attorney General Bill Barr on Thursday refuted Donald Trump's assertions that the trials involving the former president would disrupt…

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