Lawrence O’Donnell Destroys Fox News’ Jesse Watters Over Trump Trial Lies

O'Donnell slammed Watters as a 'Liar' for his comments about jurors.

Staff Writer 3 Min Read

‘Enough is Enough’: Fed Up Republicans Turn On Marjorie Taylor Greene’s ‘Disruptive Theatrics’

Republican Representative Marc Molinaro of New York didn't mince words when condemning the disruptive theatrics of his colleague, Representative Marjorie…

Staff Writer 3 Min Read

Joe Scarborough Calls Out Bill Barr’s Cowardice For Endorsing Trump’s Tyranny

During Thursday's edition of MSNBC's "Morning Joe", host Joe Scarborough slammed former Attorney General William Barr for his contradictory stance…

Staff Writer 4 Min Read

‘Donald Trump Did This’: Morning Joe Just Opened a Can Of Worms For Trump

The phrase 'Donald Trump Did This' has emerged as a rallying call as Joe Scarborough slammed the former president's reversals…

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Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp Squashes GOP’s Attempt To Save Trump: ‘We Are Going To Follow The Law’

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (R) announced on Thursday that he would not convene a special session of the state legislature…

Staff Writer 3 Min Read

Trump Ordered To Face Trial In Jan. 6 Case on March 4, Judge Rules

A federal judge delivered a significant ruling against former President Donald Trump on Monday, mandating that he faces trial in…

Staff Writer 3 Min Read

John Bolton Has a Blunt Reaction To Trump’s Mug Shot

Former Donald Trump advisor John Bolton, didn't hold back his opinions on the former president's glowering mug shot, which was…

Staff Writer 3 Min Read

Melania Says Her Husband’s Indictments Are ‘a Problem For Him’ Not ‘For Her’

A source familiar with former first lady Melania Trump on a social level has conveyed that the ex-president's recent legal…

Staff Writer 4 Min Read

James Comer’s Claims About Hunter Biden Just Got Debunked

Representative James Comer, from Kentucky, has been appearing on television to suggest that his fellow Republican investigators in the House…

Staff Writer 4 Min Read

Pelosi Comes Back Swinging At Trump’s ‘Criminal Enterprise’

U.S. Representative Nancy Pelosi has once again taken center stage as the primary adversary of former President Trump within the…

Staff Writer 4 Min Read

Watch: Biden Has No Patience For Fox News Reporter’s ‘Lousy Question’

During an event in Belen, New Mexico, President Joe Biden snapped at Fox News’s Peter Doocy over a question regarding…

Staff Writer 3 Min Read

K9 Officer Appears To Refuse to Shake Trump’s Hand (Video)

A video has emerged online showing a group of law enforcement officers assembled on an airstrip, awaiting their chance to…

Staff Writer 1 Min Read

Joe Scarborough Responds To Trump’s Ominous Threats Against Jack Smith

In the midst of facing another potential indictment, former President Donald Trump has been exhibiting a defiant demeanor and making…

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