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Your Online Device Is Killing You — You Are Not Safe



Let’s face it: Logging off your internet devices is becoming increasingly difficult. You wake up, and so do your devices.

At night, your phone sleeps next to you. And as soon as you wake up, you’re getting the news, private messages, and looking at photos of your friend’s vacation before you even leave your bedroom. Most of us never escape technology. It’s only going to get worse.

I was having trouble sleeping the other day. I was on Facebook from the moment I woke up to the moment I crawled into bed. Then it hit me: I realized I was having trouble turning my brain off because it was still online. I was thinking about the conversations I had online that day and what certain people thought about me. I had Facebook-induced anxiety. I know many others have dealt with this problem.

Facebook is not all bad. It’s helped many people’s careers, and I’ve made friends through the website, but the more I thought about this issue I was dealing with, the more I wondered if I was making a deal with the devil.

Are you going through the same challenge?