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WATCH: Jordan Klepper Trolls Fox News By Tucker Carlson’s Own Words Against Them



Jordan Klepper trolls Tucker Carlson

“The Daily Show” guest host Jordan Klepper on Wednesday expressed his disappointment that Dominion Voting Systems settled its defamation lawsuit against Fox News for $787 million and took aim at right-wing host Tucker Carlson, one of the main purveyors of lies on the conservative network.

“Dominion was not the only injured party here,” Klepper said. “What about, y’know, our faith in democracy? There are people who will not trust elections for the rest of their lives ― and I have to talk to those people.”

Klepper, who routinely travels to Donald Trump rallies and spends much of his time talking to “Make America great again” fans who spout wild conspiracy theories, said that he will continue doing just that “for the rest of my life.”

“I’m going to be arguing with them at Trump rallies every four years for the rest of my life,” he said before lamenting that Fox News will not have to apologize on air for spreading election lies as part of the settlement.

“And frankly, we deserve that ― bare minimum,” Klepper said.

So Klepper and the “Daily Show” team mixed up some videos of Tucker Carlson to force out the apology we’ll never get in real life.


Not to be outdone, Stephen Colbert shared a similar mashup message ― with his version featuring various Fox News personalities all taking part in the mock apology.